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Low T Symptoms Include:

  • Energy Loss/Fatigue
  • Decreased Mental Clarity
  • Increased Body Fat
  • Decreased Motivation & Drive
  • Decreased Muscle Mass

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Drop in Energy
Changes In Sex Life
Fuzzy Thinking
Changes In Mood
Muscle Changes
More Body Fat
Thinning Body Hair
Loss Of Bone Mass
Trouble Sleeping
Problems At Work

A simple blood test can determine if you are a good candidate for testosterone therapy.

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    Hormone Therapy helps protect your muscles while resetting your metabolism.

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    Low cost testosterone replacement options

    So what is Testosterone Replacement Therapy? If you’re an aging man, chances are you’ve lost quite a bit of energy, experienced a drop in sexual potency or erectile dysfunction, put on a few extra pounds and now you have to work even harder in the gym to maintain your natural weight. There’s a reason for that and for most men it starts with a ‘T’. We’re talking about the male hormone Testosterone.

    By the time you hit 30, you’re body is already significantly behind in testosterone production. You see, by your mid-twenties, your testosterone levels begin to decline by about 1-2% a year. And, by 40, you’ve lost nearly half of your necessary growth hormones resulting in a common but often misunderstood condition called Andropause, Low T or Hypogonadism; precisely what we treat with various Testosterone Replacement Therapy options.

    Men often mistake symptoms of andropause for a midlife crisis. You’ve put on weight, your sexual desire has decreased and even worse, your sexual performance is suffering. To make yourself feel better, you may want to buy a flashy sports car, but in reality, the most likely solution to your problem is Testosterone Replacement Therapy. Many of our patients report 180 degree turnarounds in their marriages or relationships as a result of our Testosterone and Oxytocin therapies!!

    Symptoms of Low Testosterone

    Your testosterone levels have dropped resulting in increased body fat, depression, muscle loss, hair loss and fatigue. These are not just symptoms of “getting older”. In fact, men as young as their twenties to thirties can experience low testosterone (Low T) symptoms. Before you seek medical treatment for depression and spend years on prescription medications, consider having your testosterone levels checked at Advanced Spine Joint & Wellness.

    Low testosterone is a serious condition that should not be ignored. In addition to the unpleasant symptoms we mentioned above, lower than normal testosterone levels have been clinically associated with an increased risk of heart disease, diabetes and death.

    Testosterone replacement therapy aids in circulation and improves blood vessel function, so it’s important to have enough of it to insure healthy blood flow. There are a number of testosterone receptors in the heart, so a healthy testosterone level helps it function properly.

    The additional testosterone that results from hormone replacement therapy also reduces the amount of certain unhealthy chemicals in the blood, including cholesterol, and improves a patient’s lipid profile, a beneficial cardiovascular effect.

    Finally, the weight loss and improved physique that many men experience with hormone replacement therapy helps to reduce the risk of heart disease and restore heart health.

    Do You Have Low Testosterone?

    A simple blood test may determine whether or not you would be a good candidate for hormone replacement therapy.

    Advanced Spine Jpint & Wellness’ doctor prescribed Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT), Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) and Weight Loss protocols provide cutting-edge preventative and regenerative medicine which will correct hormonal deficiencies to revitalize the body and ward off disease. We offer the most proven hormone treatment plans (HRT) medically tailored to each patient while, at the same time, offering the absolute best physician prices and service available.

    Being among the most knowledgeable, qualified and conservative Testosterone Clinics in the nation, Buckeye PMR is your BEST OPTION and your BEST CHOICE for men who are suffering from hormonal deficiencies. If qualified by us, your Testosterone Replacement Therapy TRT protocol will include (1) injectable testosterone (cypionate, enanathate or propionate), (2) the proper use of HCG therapy (11,000 ius), as well as (3) the conservative use of Aromatase Inhibitors such as anastrozole (Arimidex) or clomiphene (Clomid) to modulate estradiol (estrogen) levels in men into the desirable range.

    Moreover, our patients also have access to a large range of physician prescribed wellness and neutraceutical therapies not available elsewhere.

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